Installing Double Closet Barn Doors

Feb 6th

Closet Barn Doors are an ideal alternative to sliding or swing-out doors. While sliding wardrobe doors cover half the wardrobe when they open, and swing-out doors require plenty of room for the doors to open, bumpy doors fold over on themselves and allow you to see your entire wardrobe. With some tools and elbow grease, you can install dual bill-folded doors yourself.


Center the track along the center of the top of the Closet Barn Doors frame. Place the side of the track containing the back cover against the upper corner of the door frame. The plate will keep the top of the door in place. Insert the screws that came with the door batch into the holes drilled in the groove. Screw the track into place at the top of the door frame.

Screw the floor bracket to the lower corner of the Closet Barn Doors frame and the bottom of the wall as a fuse against the door frame. The floor mount holds the bottom of the door in place. Insert the spring mounting stick in the hole in the inner corner at the top of the door. This plug allows the door to open in the spring. Place the standard dummy in the outer hole of the top of the cover. This plug guides the door at the top of the track when it opens and closes. Insert the screw mounting dummy into the hole in the bottom of the door. This plug helps the door fold when it opens. In addition to helping the door work, the pins also hold the door in place.

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